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Smart-Comet | Smart-Comet Project was held in İçdaş enterprise in Çanakkale, Turkey
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Smart-Comet Project was held in İçdaş enterprise in Çanakkale, Turkey

Smart-Comet Project was held in İçdaş enterprise in Çanakkale, Turkey

Pilot application in Ford Otosan regarding with the Competence of Mechanical Maintanance Operator (Level 3)

A pilot application of competence management model in metal sector as a part of SMART – COMET Project was held in İçdaş enterprise in Çanakkale, Turkey on the August the 3rd, 2018. It consisted of a focus group discussion with the employees of the factory whose vocational qualifications were observed, it was followed by a both theoretical and practical application on the qualification of Machine Maintenance Level 3. This application was done under Component 1 of the project, and the analysis will be used for the creation of a competence management model report.

Caner Cefa, Ford, Machine Maintenance
Uğur Tekin, Ford, Machine Maintenance
Ali Naci Bayko, MESS Training Foundation, Trainer
Eren Yenigün, MESS, Project Manager
Müge Yaman, MESS Training Foundation, Trainer and Researcher
Can Yılmaz, MESS, Project Support


A focus group was facilitated initially by the project team with the participation of two maintenance operators, HR Manager of the company and project trainer. In this way, feedbacks from the participants are gained and it served as an informing session.

The theoretical part of the application lasted 1.5 hours. It was composed of three parts;

  • A1: Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Quality
  • B1: Preventive Maintenance
  • B2: Corrective Maintenance

The behaviors, competencies and qualifications of the participants were observed in terms of these three topics, A1, B1 and B2. Theoretical part was then followed by an on-the-job pilot application with the help of a prototype machine and equipment designed for SMART-COMET. Participants applied what they apply on the field using the prototype machine. The trainer was taking notes of all the qualifications and behaviors of them during the application. This part lasted 3 hours in total.

Manuals and handbooks created by the project team for these applications were used during both theoretical and practical part. Feedbacks and comments are gained from the two participants at the end.

The comprehensive competence and development report including observations of the trainer will be shared with the project partners. This report will also serve as an open resource not only for the metal sector, but also for the other sectors being a model applicable for all others.

This report will also be disseminated to a focus group that will be composing of metal sector professionals.