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Smart-Comet | Objectives
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The Objectıves Are

   To help metal enterprises better manage their competences and as a result, obtain better results in connection with their business strategies.

 To design and implement on a pilot basis a school-enterprise cooperation system for the metal sector companies using COMET approach.

  To improve enterprise and school capacity to analyze, understand, express, address and manage human resource challenges including, but not limited to, the ability to better manage and anticipate skill needs over a strategic horizon

   To facilitate the upgrading of the skills and qualification of blue and white collar employees in the metal sector in partnership with schools

 To help employees better cope with competitive and productive pressures at the workplace through development of a joint understanding of competence management through social dialogue

  To help schools participating in the cooperation model better adapt themselves to evolving labor market needs by working closer to metal enterprises.

Target Groups

Target groups of the project will be metal companies and their managers, VET school managers and teaching staff, company training staff, workers in the metal sector and most importantly, students in VET schools as prospective metal sector employees.

Expected Results
  • Learning outcome based Competence management (COMET) framework and IT tools developed and in use by metal enterprises and schools in project partners’ countries
  • School-enterprise cooperation model study drafted and disseminated
  • Company managers and training professionals trained on learning outcome based competence management
  • School managers/staff trained on learning outcome based competence management
  • Improved HR and training management performance and increased productivity levels at enterprises deploying COMET