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Smart-Comet | Dissemination
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Project results will be disseminated to the MESS members, metal companies in Turkey as well as in Germany and Spain, VET schools and teachers and VET policymakers as well as to organizations and experts active in the field of employment and qualifications. Replication of project results in the future will be possible through the digestion of project results by these target audiences. Secondly, results will be disseminated to metal companies and VET professionals in these sectors in EU countries through the consortium partners as well as MESS’s counterpart organizations under EU employer organizations. The interaction between local and European companies is expected to promote use of competence management as HR tool in the future.


MESS will bear the main responsibility for dissemination activities and will be assisted by all partners, mainly by MESS Training Fouındation (MEV), throughout the project in this task. MESS has a long experience in project dissemination activities in the last 10 years, and is also experienced as a strong civil society organization in dealing with public and disseminating information. MESS’s Corporate Communications Department will be responsible for managing and producing the outcomes for dissemination activities.


Dissemination conferences will be held in every project country during the dissemination phase of the project. A project website, newsletter and project brochures will be used to disseminate project results. A final publication will also be prepared to be distributed at the last dissemination event to be held in Turkey.